5 Post Break Up Mistakes That Push Him Away For Good

So, your boyfriend has dumped you. You’re hurt, you’re confused, and you want him back. Before you put your plan to get him back into action, it’s equally important to spend some time focused on the things you shouldn’t be doing. I promise you, if you commit any of these common “post breakup mistakes,” your chances of ultimately getting your man back drop to something close to zero. Here they are:

1. Making Him Jealous

exgirlfriend-how-back-upset-woman-in-bedThere’s a difference between subtly reminding him of the great times you two have had together (which evokes pangs of jealousy, and is an effective strategy), and doing something to intentionally push his buttons. Here, the most common mistake that women make will be to go jump into bed with one of his friends on the thinking that your ex will, in a fit of jealousy and rage demand to take you back.

The one problem? It almost never works out like that. The most likely outcome, should you do something like that, will be that he’ll never speak to you again. It’s just a spectacularly bad idea, if the goal is to get him back.

2. Having An Extended Pity Party

Sure, everybody’s entitled to one day of moping around the house, but remember, getting him back is all about mindset. You won’t be in the proper one to fight to reclaim your man if you’re spending days, then weeks at a time moping around the house. Get back in the game. Go see friends that maybe got neglected when you were in your relationship, or go make a few new ones. The point is, nothing changes until you do something, so have the one-day pity party, then go out and do something.

3. Go Into “Hot Pursuit Mode”

This is probably the second biggest mistake you can make, second only to sleeping with one of his friends. The reality is that in almost every case, the more tightly you try to hold on, the more you text and blow up his phone, the less likely you are to actually get him back. You both need a little space and time. Take it.

4. No Self-Reflection

The hard truth is that the breakup happened for a reason. Some of it was his fault, sure, but some of it was yours too. The only way you’re going to get him back is to do some serious reflecting on what went wrong with the relationship in the first place. That’s the only way you’re ever going to be able to fix things to make it possible to get back together.

5. Keeping Reminders In Full View

This is hard, but again, it goes back to mindset. While you’re apart, put away the photos and his favorite tee shirt that you love to sleep in at night. You can bring them back out into full view once you get your man back, but in the meanwhile, put them away.

Get-My-Ex-BackAll they’ll do is distract you from your purpose and bring you down. You don’t need that. You need to be focused on eventually getting him back if that’s your goal, so don’t leave out any reminders that will sabotage your own efforts. You’re just working against yourself.

The bottom line is, if you can avoid doing the above, you’ll stand a pretty good chance at sorting out a way to get him back if that’s what you decide you want. It’s going to take time and effort, but you can get there!
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