3 Ways To Make Him Think Of You

You boyfriend broke up with you and you want him back. In preparation for getting him back, you’ve done all the things people say you’re supposed to. You’ve taken an appropriate amount of time apart. You’ve spent some time being good to yourself and recovering your self-confidence. You’ve also spent some time “working on you” and now, you feel like a new woman.

Those things accomplished, now it’s time to act! Now it’s time to let your ex see the “new and improved you,” but of course the question becomes how? How do you get him to notice you?

Simply put, you do that by getting him to think about you and the good times you share in your relationship. If you can make him miss those good times, and you, then you’re more than half way to winning him back! Here are three great ways to do just that.

24f4446ebf4dbed4c75154e2ec1d45c11. Mutual Friends

You’ve probably got at least a few friends in common. If one of them is sympathetic to your cause, you can probably enlist his or her aid to help you on your quest to get him back. You can either do this covertly (simply ask your mutual friend how your ex is doing, with the understanding that it will probably get back to him), or you can do it more overtly – simply ask for, and get a friend’s help.

In this case, you’ve got more options, because you can get your friend to start making occasional references to the two of you as a couple. It could be something as simple as “hey, do you remember the time when you and (insert your name here) rented that beach house last summer?”

The point is not so much to make him pine away for you, but simply to put you front and center in his mind again after a period of absence. By itself, this isn’t usually sufficient to win him back, but it’s an important first step.

2. Social Media

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call all of these collectively, Facebook. It’s understood that you might use Twitter or some other social media platform too, but pretty much everybody is on Facebook. Regardless, whatever social media platform you both use, it’s a simple matter of posting occasional updates to your page, highlighting the “new you.”

Facebook is especially good for this because any mutual friends you have will likely share your posts, and your ex will wind up seeing them. That’s enough to get him thinking about you, and if you combine this with the mutual friend strategy, you can ensure that your posts get seen.

This is a good way to ease into more direct contact, like making occasional comments to his posts. Whenever possible, tie your comment back to some fun time you and he had to remind him of all the great times you had together.

It’s important not to overdo this one, however. Too much, too quickly and he’ll think you’re pressuring him, which will work against what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish.

3. Texting/Calling

You want to be especially careful with the calling, but the occasional text should be fine. As before, just be sure to keep it light and casual. When you text, you want to try to do two things. First, remind him of a good time you had together once, and second, remind him of your deeper connections to his life.

6921362Here’s an example: “Just had lunch at (insert the name of a restaurant you two shared time together). It reminded me of that time we had lunch there with your mom – made me think of you.”

Using these three methods in conjunction with each other, and taking care not to overuse any of them will see you easing back into regular communication with your ex before you know it, and open the door for the two of you to get back together.

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