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3 Tips To Improve Communication With Your Man

Communication. It’s one of the keys to a successful, long term relationship. There are many forms of communication, however, and you’ve got to master them all if you want to keep your man when you win him back. Here are the major areas to work on when improving your communication with your man.

1. Stroke His Ego

couple-having-funMen tend to have fragile egos. They’re easily bruised, and when that happens, your man will lash out at whomever did the bruising. If that’s you, you can expect to be on the receiving end of his temper. The two biggest things you can do in this regard are to make it a point to build him up in public, both to your friends and his, and to ask for his help, even when you don’t need it, strictly speaking.

In the first case, building him up in front of your friends and his, that actually takes on two forms. The first is to simply let everybody know what an awesome guy you have. All the things he does for you, and how much you appreciate them. The second thing is to always be ready to leap to his defense, any time someone tries to put him down, for any reason. In both of these cases, although you’re actually talking to others, you’re communicating with your man. You’re sending him the unmistakable signal that he’s your hero, and that you’ve got his back. That will do wonders for your relationship.

In the second case, men like to feel as though they’re heroes to their women. Now, there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way is to whine and pout and demand that he come to your rescue. That’s both transparent and annoying, and will make you seem clingy. That’s not at all what we’re after here. The right way is to simply say, “hey, come here a minute, I could use your help with something.”

See the difference. Instead of pouting about it to try and get him to do something for you, you’re simply asking for your partner’s help. He’ll respond to that, and help you happily. Also, men love giving advice and knowing that their opinions matter. Even if you don’t necessarily need the advice, periodically ask for his opinion, if for no other reason than to let him know that his opinions hold weight with you. Again, this sends a very clear signal to your man about the kind of relationship he’s in.

2. Get Him Talking About His Passions

Everyone is passionate about something, and you probably know what your man is passionate about. Even if it’s not something you personally get excited about, get him talking about the things that he’s passionate about. Everybody loves talking about their passions, and by initiating those conversations, it will bond your man more closely to you. He’ll love that you’re interested in the things he cares deeply about.

3. Sexually

This is a big one, because although sex is important to both men and women, it plays a huge role in every man’s life. Did you know that men think about sex an average of thirty times a day? It’s true! Here’s the secret though, it’s not enough for you to just have sex with your man. A big part of a man’s sexual pleasure is derived from knowing how much he’s’ pleasing YOU. That means that you need to communicate in the bedroom. Let him know how much he pleases you.

openletterpdabertha_LargeWideMen love pleasing women sexually, and almost all of them are receptive to gentle coaching in the bedroom, so if you teach him exactly where and how to touch you, it won’t be a lie when you tell him he’s the best you’ve ever had, because his own innate talents in the bedroom, coupled with your knowledge of your own body will be an unbeatable combination. This is one of the most powerful communication tools you have at your disposal in a relationship. Use it.
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