5 Things About You That Your Ex Hates

If you want to win your ex back, it’s important to understand what women like, want, and are looking for in their men, but just as important is to understand what traits they can’t stand.

Knowing that, you can seek to avoid those traits or work on improving things about yourself if you find that you’ve got some of the traits that women loathe. Doing that will take you quite far in terms of improving your chances, either of getting her back, or of finding someone else. That said, here are the things to purge from your system.

12a1. Dishonesty

Women love honesty, and is that really such a surprise. After all, who doesn’t love honesty? Even so, it seems to be a rare and dying trait. Finding someone who will actually do what they say they’ll do, and mean the things they say seems to be getting increasingly difficult in this day and age. If you want to really set yourself apart from the rest, then getting rid of this personality trait if you have it is a huge step, and a big personal win for you.

2. Judgmental

Judgmental men are forever categorizing people and putting them in this or that “box.” Once they put someone in a given box, it’s almost impossible to move to a different box later. Worse, these kinds of people have a nasty habit of viewing pretty much everyone as being somehow “inferior” to them on one level or another.

News flash guys, it’s not sexy. Women don’t like it, and they don’t find it endearing. Remember, women are emotionally based. They empathize and feel things deeply. While you might find some that judge, many, and in fact most don’t, or work very hard not to. Few things will set her teeth on edge faster than watching you berate, belittle, and judge someone.

3. Laziness

Women love an ambitious man. Note that this does not mean someone who’s so driven by his ambition that he doesn’t have time for anything else, but rather, someone who has a goal and goes after it. Unfortunately, playing a 36 hour marathon session of the latest version of Halo on your X-Box One doesn’t count as an “ambition,” nor does getting stoned and watching Scooby-Doo reruns. You’re going to have to do better than that if you want a real shot at winning her back.

4. Cockiness

Confidence is sexy. Cockiness is not, and really, all cockiness is, is confidence taken to the extreme. She wants you to be sure of yourself. She wants you to be confident, to say what you want and to have the drive to go after it. What she doesn’t want is to have to put up with the cocky attitude that can grow out of too much of a good thing, so watch yourself here. You’ve got to be mindful of that and rein it in.

11a5. Non-Exclusive

This is a big one for women. If you’re with them, they want you to be WITH them. Not with them and looking at the breasts of the waitress, or talking about how hot their best friend is, or trying to pressure them into a threesome with their best friend, or their sister, or whatever woman you’re also interested in.

Most women are looking for exclusivity. If you’re not willing to give that to the woman you’re interested in, then before you set about trying to win her back, you should probably do some serious self-reflection and figure out why it is, exactly, that you want her back in the first place? Does it have more to do with your bruised ego than a genuine desire to make it work with her? If it does, that’s probably not going to work out well for either of you in the long run.

Keep these five traits in mind, and seek to eliminate them from your personality and your life if you have any of them. It will greatly improve your chances of winning her back!

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