3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence After Your Breakup

After a nasty breakup, your ego and self-confidence probably took a big hit. You might be tempted to mope around the house all day and treat yourself to lots of pizza with extra everything and some extended jam sessions on your X-Box or Playstation. The problem with that approach is that it all but guarantees that you’ll stay in that depressed funk for a fairly long time, and that’s no good.

What you need then, is after the breakup, to get back out in the world again. You don’t need to necessarily “get back in the game,” especially if you’ll be wanting to try to get back together with her at some point, but you definitely do need to get out of the house and start living life again. Here are three great ways to boost your self-confidence to restore it to its former glory, or to build it even higher in the aftermath of a painful breakup.

18aHave An Adventure

If you’re not naturally an outdoorsy type, then it’s time to turn over a new leaf and try something different. Go hiking. Go whitewater rafting. Try out some of the things you’ve always secretly wanted to do, but never seemed to quite get around to.

If you ARE an outdoorsy type, then so much the better. You already know several things you like doing, and you probably put a number of them on hold while you were in your relationship. Now that it has ended, you have an opportunity to reconnect to that part of yourself, and you should!

Just being out in nature and doing stuff can be a huge boost to your self-confidence. Why? Because when you’re out in the wilds like that, you’ve only got yourself to rely on, and once you start seeing that you can still do this stuff, it’s a big boost to your ego and self-confidence. It’s a kind of reaffirmation, and that’s hugely important.

Practice The Fine Art Of Flirting

This is another big one, and highly recommended, even if you don’t really feel up for it the first couple times you do it. If the relationship you were in was a fairly long one, you may feel a bit out of practice where talking to members of the opposite sex is concerned. Flirting, or even just having casual conversations with women out in public again will go a long ways toward restoring your self-confidence.

You need to be careful when doing this one though, because again, if your plan is to eventually try and win her back, you don’t want to go too far down the road of flirting with new women, and you definitely don’t want to sleep with any of them, because believe me, if and when you two do get back together, she’s going to ask if you’ve “been with anyone” while you two were broken up! The answer you want to be able to honestly give her is no.

17aTest Your Boundaries/Push Your Limits

There are few better ways to boost your ego and self-confidence than by trying something that’s new to you, and mastering it. This could be anything you have an interest in. You may want to join Habitat for Humanity and learn basic carpentry skills. It’s a good thing to know, and a lot more fun than you might think.

Or you may take that language class you’ve always been kind of interested in. Only you know what your deep interests are, so only you can say for sure. The one thing you want to make sure of though, is that you’ve got at least some interest in the new thing, because as you already know, trying to master something you don’t really care about in the first place can be an uphill battle.

The point though, and the common theme behind all of these is that after the breakup, you need to get out of the house. You need to go DO something. It doesn’t really matter what, although there are some things that will be bigger confidence boosters than others. I promise you though, if you try any of the above, you’ll see your confidence restored in no time.
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