3 Qualities Women Find Irresistible

So she broke things off with you, and now you want her back. The good news is that it’s not impossible, but you DO have your work cut out for you. Here’s something to think about though. Remember how she felt about you those first few weeks or months of your relationship?

She was crazy about you, right? The two of you probably spent all your free time together, and she thought you were super fun, interesting, and exciting. Then things got comfortable and you probably changed, at least a little. When you sit down and think about it honestly, can you say you haven’t?

If you want her back, you’re going to have to recapture the essence of how you were when you two first got together, but then up your game beyond that. When you do, keep in mind the three qualities that women secretly admire, crave, and find utterly irresistible.

3a1. Confidence

There’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance, so make sure you don’t take this too far. Nobody like arrogance, but a strong, confident male who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it is something that all women are hard-wired to appreciate.

You don’t (necessarily) have to be the classic alpha male, but you absolutely should strive to be more confident and assertive in your day to day life. That comes down to nothing more than practice. You can start by striking up random conversations with strangers. Don’t be shy, just walk up and do it! The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it, and the better you get at it, the more your confidence will surge.

2. Ambition

All people tend to admire ambition, but women especially. There’s something about a man who knows what he wants, and is driven to succeed at it no matter what obstacles are put in their way. The good thing about ambition is that once you’ve got it, the drive to get what you want comes with it as a natural consequence. Again, this is something that can be practiced and learned, like any other skill.

How, you ask? Start by identifying things you’re passionate about. That’s going to be different from one person to the next, but whatever you’re passionate about, start spending more of your time in pursuit of your passions. You’ll be amazed at the effect it has on you, and on how much more attractive you appear to women, including the one you want back.

3. Attentive

2aAgain, this one can be practiced and learned. In order to be truly attentive to your woman, you’ve got to be firmly in the moment. That means, when you’re with her, be WITH her. Don’t allow distractions to get in the way of your enjoyment of her, and whatever it is that you’re doing together.

Note that we’re not talking about putting her on a pedestal or anything like that. Most men do that to women, and while it’s what they’ve come to expect (which is why you shouldn’t do it), it’s not something they crave or find irresistible. Instead, this simply comes down to you making her the undisputed center of your attention when you’re spending time together.

There are, of course, other traits besides these that all women are hard-wired to crave, but these are three of the biggest. If you can practice even one of these, it will give you a huge leg up when it comes time to implement your plans to win your girl back. If you can manage to get all three, your chances of success will skyrocket.

This isn’t about her demanding that you change who you are, this is about you acknowledging certain shortcomings or weaknesses in your own life and personality, and taking responsibility for your own self-improvement, and by the way, the will and desire to make those changes is, in and of itself a sign of your growing ambition.

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