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3 Strategies For Winning Him Back

So you’ve had your “cooling off period,” and you’ve done some reflection and a self-assessment. You’ve worked on you, and you’re in a happier place now, but you still want him back. The question then, becomes how to go about planting the seeds in his mind? How do you begin to make him start thinking about you as “relationship” material…

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5 Questions To Ask When Deciding If You Want Him Back

Reflexively, after a breakup occurs, most women (and men too) say that they definitely want their ex back. That might be true, but you shouldn’t automatically assume that it IS true. Before you make that decision, you should have a “cooling off period.” Give you and your ex thirty days to think about it, and if, at the end of…

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3 Tips To Improve Communication With Your Man

Communication. It’s one of the keys to a successful, long term relationship. There are many forms of communication, however, and you’ve got to master them all if you want to keep your man when you win him back. Here are the major areas to work on when improving your communication with your man. 1. Stroke His Ego Men tend to…

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5 Post Break Up Mistakes That Push Him Away For Good

So, your boyfriend has dumped you. You’re hurt, you’re confused, and you want him back. Before you put your plan to get him back into action, it’s equally important to spend some time focused on the things you shouldn’t be doing. I promise you, if you commit any of these common “post breakup mistakes,” your chances of ultimately getting your…

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The Aftermath: Dusting Yourself Off After A Breakup To Get Him BackSticky

Okay, let’s face it, breakups are never easy or fun. They can be demoralizing. They can devastate your self-image and your self-esteem. If you decide you want to try and get him back, the first thing you absolutely have to do is not rush. After a breakup, you both need a “cooling off period,” so take it. At least thirty…

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