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The Tug Of War Method To Win Her Back

If you’ve ever visited dating sites, or sites that teach you how to “win” with women, one of the things you’ll quickly discover is the art of the “push” and “pull.” This kind of playful tug of war helps to create interest, excitement, and attraction. Whole books can, and have been written on the topic, but we’ll outline it briefly…

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5 Things About You That Your Ex Hates

If you want to win your ex back, it’s important to understand what women like, want, and are looking for in their men, but just as important is to understand what traits they can’t stand. Knowing that, you can seek to avoid those traits or work on improving things about yourself if you find that you’ve got some of the…

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What Women Truly Want

Let’s face it, when it comes to trying to figure out what women really want, most men are beyond clueless. To most of us, women seem to be these deep, mysteriously, utterly unfathomable creatures. Every time we think we’ve got a good handle on what it is, exactly, that they want, we get our noses rubbed in the sad fact…

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The Importance Of Controlling Your Emotions After A Breakup

Women are emotional creatures. It’s their main form and method of communication. Men are typically not, meaning that you’re probably not. After a breakup, emotions are running high, but there are two important reasons why you need to try to keep them in check. First, there’s the matter of simple practicality. Since women are emotionally-based and you’re not, if you…

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3 Qualities Women Find Irresistible

So she broke things off with you, and now you want her back. The good news is that it’s not impossible, but you DO have your work cut out for you. Here’s something to think about though. Remember how she felt about you those first few weeks or months of your relationship? She was crazy about you, right? The two…

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