Hi, this is Samantha Sanderson and Dean Cortez and we want to welcome you to ExBackExperts.com.

We’re professional relationship & dating coaches who have helped thousands of men and women around the world to enjoy the dating lives, and love lives, that they want and deserve.

We’ve also been through painful breakups before. (No one’s love life is perfect!) In fact, I created this website when I was suffering after a breakup and was desperate for a way to work things out with my ex-boyfriend.

Dean, meanwhile, was having his own relationship issues. After being with his girlfriend for several years, the sparks had faded from their relationship and the two of them grown apart.

One day, Dean came home from the gym to find a note on the kitchen table. It was from his girlfriend. She told him that she’d decided to leave him, and was moving to a different city.

You know that old expression, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone?” Well that’s how Dean felt. Soon, just like me, he was trying to figure out a strategy to win his girlfriend back and make their relationship better than before.

So Dean and I put our heads together, combining our knowledge of male and female psychology, along with the many relationship-building techniques we’d been teaching our clients…

And the result is this website, which is designed to help you solve one of the most painful and difficult relationship problems of all: How to bounce back from a breakup and win back the person you love.

Even if you feel your situation is hopeless, there is a way.

On this website, we’re going to share with you some helpful tips and effective strategies for coping with your breakup AND getting your ex to give your relationship another try.

We’ve helped hundreds of men and women to “re-attract” the ones they love, and to build better, healthier and happier relationships.

Now, it’s our goal to help you.

It’s our sincere wish that the two of you are back in each others arms before long. And we believe we can help.